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This Grace Instrument M5500 Hpht Viscometer With 39ml Sample Volume International is the best Grace Instrument M5500 Hpht Viscometer With 39ml Sample Volume International. Yet, it is compact and easy to use for the average person to use. As a robust device, it delivers the best features to capture your attention for all types of use. Our ultrasound parts fit Fukuda Denshi, Sonosite, Esaote, Terason, Siemens, ATL, Apogee, HP, Philips, Dynatron, Medison, Diasonics, Toshiba, GE, Chison.

Grace Instrument M5500 Hpht Viscometer With 39ml Sample Volume International Review

We are the official ebay store for Grace Instrument. At Grace Instrument, we manufacture these testers:Viscometer/Rheometer    Core Flood Foam Loop                       Lubricity TesterShale Swelling                  Interfacial Surface Tension Curing Chamber               Consistometer Stimulation                       Cement Analyzer Sagging Tester                 Dynamic Filtration Formation Damage          Acidizing/Fracturing Fluid Linear Swell Meter  Drilling Simulator Pycnometer (PVT)           Stirred Fluid LossDescription:The Grace Instrument Company Model M5500 High Pressure & High Temperature, lowshear, automatic, digital viscometer is innovated to test small volume of samples in aneasy way by simulating process conditions in a desktop environment, which eliminatessample boil-off problems thoroughly. Its patent pending design eliminates bob shaftbearing and provides extremely wide measurement range. Thus maintenance task ofM5500 Viscometer is reduced to a minimum. Also, its build-in micro-processor withWindows CE operating system and LCD touch screen can perform sophisticated standalone testing. Accompanying with a personal computer with extremely user-friendly user interface backed by Access® database engine, M5500 Viscometer allows users share their test results worldwide. Its rugged construction andsmall foot print makes it more than suitable for field usage. Automatic speed andtemperature controls make accurate and consistent tests. A standard API test can beaccomplished by a single touch of the LCD touch screen or by a single mouse click.Specifications:Dimensions: 24" Height x 12.5" Width x 8.5" Depth (with heat bath included)Weight: 37 lbs (with bath)Construction: 316 Stainless Steel (Hastelloy available)Pressure Range: Vacuum to 1,000 psiTemperature Range: 32°F - 500°FSpeed Range: 0.0001 - 1100 RPM continuousSample Size: 13 - 43 ml Shear Rate Range: 0.17 - 1020 sec-1 with standard R1B1 geometries Resolution: 0.01% of full scale range or betterRepeatability: +/- 0.05% of full scale rangeComputer: PC with a minimum Pentium processorVoltage: 115 V or 230 V (with transformer)Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 HzPlace of Manufacturing: USAFeatures:The Grace Model M5500 Viscometer incorporates the following features:

  • LCD touch screen enables standalone operation and digital readout of current sample temperature, bath temperature, pressure, shear stress, shear rate, speed and viscosity.
  • Patented design eliminates shaft bearing and have ABSOLUTELY zero bearing friction.
  • Innovative design prevents sample-climbing problem.
  • Innovative dynamic seal sustains very corrosive substance and acid vapors.
  • One touch finishes whole API standard test, including speed ramps and temperature ramps.
  • M5500 comes standard with oil bath.  Carbon bath upgrade is available as option 
Hardware List:The M5500 Viscometer includes the following components:
  • M5500 HPHT Viscometer unit
  • One piece of B1, B2, B3, B4 or B5 bob of your choice.
  • One copy of M5500 Viscometer Software M5500Frac for Windows 2000, or more recent.
  • RS-232 Cable to interconnect from M5500 Viscometer to the communication port in personal computer.
  • Optional Personal Computer
  • Optional wetted parts manufactured from Hastelloy C corrosion-resistant alloy.
NOTE: An optional laptop computer can also be ordered from Grace InstrumentCompany. The Personal Computer (PC) is used to operate the software M5500Frac thatcontrols the M5500 Viscometer. The personal computer runs on Windows 9x, Windows2000 or Windows ME software and should only be used to operate and control theM5500 Viscometer.Additional Notes:
  • All equipment is EXW. Our plant is in Houston, TX. EXW: Houston, TX 60 x 60 x 105 cm. box at 60 kg
  • Lead Time is approximately 3 weeks after receipt of order. (3+ WKS NEEDED TO ARRANGE INSTALLATION AND TRAINING) 
  • Standard Limited Warranty is 1 (one) year.
  • Please confirm billing and shipping addresses when ordering.
  • Prices are in USD; Does not include freight, import duties or taxes.
  • Pricing is for final destination OUTSIDE OF USA and 240 V Power Source. *Int'l orders to ship with 240V - 120 V step down transformer and 240 V line conditioner.
  • To economize your freight, let us know who your forwarder is, or your DHL/FedEx account
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