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Ge Vivid E9 Ultrasound System Review

The GE VIVID E9 is the most agile ultrasound system on the market. This dynamic technology will allow for extraordinary imaging of your patient, no matter the body type. The VIVID E9 has set the standard for transducer performance by designing them to work with the patients agile architecture to maximize performance. The VIVID E9 was designed by GE with the help of doctors like you in order for this ultrasound to allow you to focus less on keystrokes and more on patient care.

- New & DME Certified Refurbished available- Advanced Volume Navigation tools which empower doctors to accomplish more in superficial and abdominal applications. - Fusion tools bring CT or MR images right to the patients bedside. - State of the art GPS markers, allowing doctors to visually track their position during scan. - Scan Assistant will handle the little things for you by auto-completing required measurements, automatic steering, and setting up controls and models. - Cutting edge beamfomers will adjust to patients body size as you scan- Patient Ready- Validated & Tested - Warranties available- Probes available depending on your needs - Call or email for best price

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